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Amate Paper: Solid

Price: From $7.50 to $85.00

Product Options

Size: 15 1/3" x 22 3/4"
Large Size: 94.5"x 47"

Available in 4 different colors: Natural, Brown and Pinto (mix of natural and brown) & Patched Colors.

Amate is bark paper made by pounding the bark by hand with a special stone. The bark grows back into the tree making it eco-friendly and dried in the sunlight. Traditionally, this thick paper was used for ceremonial papercuts. It has a unique texture and a thickness that makes it useful for book covers and other heavier applications. Weight varies slightly by each handmade sheet.

For large sheets, shipping costs vary depending on order and will be charged once determined. Contact us for estimation and production dates.

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Amate Paper: Woven
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