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HM-54 Usu Mino Thinnest

Price: $21.71

Quantity Discounts

10 to 49$18.45
50 to 99$16.61
100 or more$14.75
Availability, size, and weight for Usu Mino Thinnest varies as there is only one person making the paper.
Please check with us for more information.

Very thin Usu Mino paper, natural in color, recommended for backing or delicate repair work.
Made from 100% Japanese Kozo.

Mino papers have been made for centuries. HPI carries five types of Mino gami. All are made with Nasu Kozo, grown in Ibaragi Prefecture, with shorter fibers than other Kozo. These papers are very elegant in appearance, yet strong with a soft texture and a warm "feminine" character. They are suitable for mending, hinging, backing and documentation because of their durability to light exposure. These papers are of the most appreciated by Japanese mounters.

*Note: Many use the name "kizuki" to refer to a couple of specific papers: Usumino (HP-02) and Usumino Thin (HP-04). However, in Japan, "kizuki" is a general term for any 100% kozo paper.

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