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MMN-105 Torinoko Natural Sheet and Roll

Price: From $13.15 to $334.50

Product Options

sheet 38" x 74"
roll 79" x 20m

Weight: 235 g/m²

A large size, heavy weight, 100% sulphite pulp machine made paper. Made with strong sizing.

Large size machine made paper produced in Fukui, Japan are made with the purpose of covering Japanese Fusuma (door panels), and so on. In order to cover walls, etc easily, sizing is used, making the paper not pH neutral. They are not made for Art & Conservation, but are created to not stain and to last at least a decade. 

Please contact us for quantity discounts.

For Large Sheet special orders in white or natural:

61″ x 73″
30 sheet minimum
$16.00 per sheet

75″ x 92.5″
20 sheet minimum
$32.00 per sheet

75″ x 108″
20 sheet minimum
$38.00 per sheet

 Contact us if you are interested in ordering at our store, through e-mail, phone, or fax!
(Special orders can be picked up/shipped from our store or shipped directly to you from Japan. Shipping cost from Japan will be added to the invoice, 50% deposit is required for special orders)

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