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2009-2011 ARTICLES

"United as One"
by Satoshi Hasegawa

Washi Collection Books
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

The Difference Between Washi and Machine-Made (Western) Paper
by Yoshinao Sugihara

by Satoshi Hasegawa

Kochi International Hanga Triennale
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

Neri in the Summer
by Yoshinao Sugihara

Taking Part in Recreating Ancient Paper
by Satoshi Hasegawa

Ringing in the New Year of Papermaking
by Hiroaki Naito

Washi and Global Warming
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

About the Mino Washi Brand
by Satoshi Hasegawa

Tools Used in Making Washi
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

Spring's Washi
by Satoshi Hasegawa

Lasting Beauty and Uniqueness of Hanji
by Bohyung Kim


The Gampi Paper of Shikoku Wagami
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

Rainy Season to Fall Season for Papermaking
by Satoshi Hasegawa

The Ozaki Family
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

Keeping the Tradition: Making Izumo Washi
by Shinichiro Abe

Echizen Washi and the Echizen Washi Festival
by Yoshinao Sugihara

Nasu Kozo
by Satoshi Hasegawa

Sakura Dyed Paper
by Fukunishi Family

Ambiente Frankfurt Trade Fair
by Yoshinao Sugihara

Japanese Woodblock Printmaking
by Aya Fujimori

Tosa Washi Shodo Tournament
by Satoshi Hasegawa


The 7th Kochi International Triennal Exhibition of Prints
by Tsuyoshi Ageta

Tororo Aoi
by Satoshi Hasegawa

Thailand's Saa Paper
by Aya Fujimori

Washi, Washi, and Some More Great Washi
by Endi Poskovic

Paths and Edges
by Xavier Fumat

Ashes and Snow in Tokyo
by Hiromi Katayama

Chiné Colle: The Enhanced Image
by Yuji Hiratsuka

Japanese Paper in Digital Prints
by Amandine Nabarra-Piomelli

Review of Washi Making Course
by Frances Lunn


Art of Japanese Papermaking

Gyotaku: Crossing Cultures and Bounderies

Seeing is Believing: Comments and Observations from RISD's Wintersession from Japan

Washi in the 21st Century
by Steven Schaub

Playing With the Goddesses's Veil: An E-Interview with Artist, Maddy Lemel
by Bruce Meade


Waves to Washi
by Scott Skinner

34 Memories of a Washi Road Trip
by Bruce Meade


Izumo Mingenshi: Introducing a Beautiful New Paper

Washi Paper Goes Electric: Digital Inkjet Printing of Photographs on Japanese Paper

Into the Mystic
by Bob Percy

Washi Tour 2005
by Susan Sayre Batton

Working with Washi in Costa Rica
by Stephen Robert Johns

Rembrandt and Gampi
by Bruce Meade

Model Aircraft and Japanese Tissue Paper
by John Morril

A Passion for Paper
by Bruce Meade

Papermaking in Echizen
by Sidney Berger

In the Land of the Thunder Dragon
A Journey to Bhutan

by Bruce Meade

by Greg Lauren

More Than You Wanted to Know About Kaki-Shibu
by Lori Goodman

Paper Kites
by Scott Skinner

Art, Magic and Confounded Expectations
by Bruce Meade

Tengujo Tissue for Conservation Mending

by Christine Smith

April Vollmer Gives Talk on Hanga

Japanese Paper in Use for Object Conservation

Digital Printing on Kozo
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