These papers are from Bhutan's Handmade paper mill Jungshin. Owner, Norbu Tenzin, was trained in Japanese papermaking techniques in Shimane Prefecture in Japan in 1986. We are pleased to be the first to represent Mr. Tenzin's paper in the U.S. 

Only 100% Mitsumata fiber is used in the Mitsumata papers. Edgeworthia, a native Bhutanese plant, is similar to Japanese kozo. Daphne, another native plant to Bhutan, is similar to Japanese Gampi. Shawa paper is 50% Mitsumata and 50% Creaper. Rural Tsharsho is 50% Mitsumata and 50% Daphne. 

These papers are not sized and are totally chemical free. 

Traditional Bhutanese tsharsho paper is made with a thick bamboo screen and is referred to as Tame-suki. When these thicker sheets of paper are made, the excess water filters through a screen rather than throwing off the excess as in the traditional Japanese nagashi-suki method. These papers are dyed with natural materials. 

*Variations may occur between batches in color, size, and thickness.