Digital Papers

Digital papers are not coated, but can still be printed digitally using a laser or inkjet printer.

HPI recommends a list of both coated and uncoated paper for inkjet printing. Uncoated paper will absorb the ink spray producing a feathered irregular mass rather than a true dot. Compared with an image on coated paper, where the ink is not absorbed, the uncoated paper image will often times appear softer and less clear especially in fine detailed areas or text. We believe that artists should explore and make the discretion of which paper to use based on the desired results and their personal aesthetics. Printing on uncoated paper may allow for more of the paper's inherent qualities to be present in the final print, and printing on the backside or rougher side of the paper produces an even softer image quality that is appropriate for many images. Printing on a textured paper may create a pattern that works in many cases, white printing on coated paper will allow for images with more fidelity, a plus for many artists working with photographic based works.