Self-Adhesive Tengucho


Made by Hidaka Washi in Kochi, Japan.

Available in two weights: 3.5g & 5g
Available in 39" x 5m rolls and A3 packs of 10 sheets

The Self-Adhesive Tengucho is pre-coated with wheat starch paste (jin shofu) so that the adhesive can be reactivated with water when needed, enabling the user to carry out the repair in less than half the usual repair time.  

Currently available in two weights and can be purchased in rolls and A3 sheets, making it extremely versatile to repair all sizes of items in an art conservation setting.

Product features: 

  • Made of 100% kozo paper (paper specification provided)
  • No preparation of wheat paste necessary
  • Coated with the optimal amount and strength of adhesive
  • Ready to use, making it a valuable resource for emergency use
  • The incredible wet strength of the paper is ideal for initial consolidation as it can be removed easily if required during treatment of items
  • Assures reversibility of restored objects in the future


Video courtesy of Hidaka Washi.