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HP-04 Usu-Gami Thin (12g/m²) (formerly Usu-Mino Thin)


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Size: 25.5" x 36.5"
Weight: 11-12 g/m²

Usu-Gami paper, natural in color, recommended for backing or delicate repair work. 
Made from 100% Japanese Nasu Kozo, cooked with soda ash, and board dried by Hasegawa Washi Kobo

Handmade papermaker Satoshi Hasegawa recently relocated to Yamagata prefecture where he will continue to make his beautiful kozo papers. We've decided to re-name his new papers "Usu-gami" to replace the Hon-Mino paper series. 

*Note: Many use the name "kizuki" to refer to a couple of specific papers: Usu-gami (HP-02) and Usu-gami Thin (HP-04). However, in Japan, "kizuki" is a general term for any 100% kozo paper.