Ink Jet Lettersize Sampler

(IJ) Inkjet series are coated after production for inkjet printing and can be put through inkjet printers, laser printers, copy machines, and more. They can also be purchased in larger size sheets and rolls. Compared to the "digital series" these papers may give more detail to the printed image.

Sheets are not labeled but are in the order according to the label on front of pack.

Two (8.5"x11") sheets each of the following:

IJ-0464 Aya White 125 g/m²
IJ-0314 Kozo White 70g 70 g/m²
IJ-0324 Kozo Natural 70g 70 g/m²
IJ-NK Niyodo Kozo 25g 25 g/m²
IJ-KL Niyodo Kozo 44 g/m²
IJ-WL Niyodo White 50 g/m²
IJ-NL Niyodo Natural 50 g/m²
IJ-48W Asuka White 48g 48 g/m²
IJ-48N Asuka Natural 48g 48 g/m²
IJ-75W Asuka White 75g 75 g/m²
IJ-75N Asuka Natural 75g 75 g/m²
IJ-150W Asuka White 150g 150 g/m²
IJ-150N Asuka Natural 150g 150 g/m²
IJ-WAMIX Wa-Mix Kozo 90g 90 g/m²

For lettersize digital washi papers that are not inkjet coated, click here.