HP-66-6 Hosokawa-shi 40g

Size: 23.5 x 36”

100% Japanese Kozo, cooked with soda ash

In 2014, Hosokawa-shi (Saitama prefecture) was recognized as UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage along with Hon-Mino and Sekishu banshi. Hosokawa-shi is also a government-designated Important Cultural Property. Due to the strict regulations that come with this honor, all of their papers are handmade using traditional methods and tools, with the highest quality Japanese kozo.

The papermaker, Hiroko Tanino, is one of the 11 certified artisans of traditional handmade papermaking for Hosokawa-shi.

These Hosokawa papers are handmade with 100% Japanese kozo.

**The previous HP-66 Hosokawa Ohban paper has been discontinued, in our efforts to provide HPI customers with correct information and true Hosokawa-shi made with traditional methods. (Ohban in Japanese translates into ‘large size’, which was an incorrect name for the paper)