Gamblin PVA Size (8.5 fl oz)

Cannot ship in winter to some parts of the country. 

Gamblin's PVA size is a contemporary size for paper or fabric supports. Diluted with distilled water, Gamblin's PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) seals the porous surface of fabrics and papers. Conservation scientists recommend painters use PVA size on linen and canvas instead of rabbit skin glue. When dry, the PVA seals the paper or fabric but does not reabsorb atmospheric moisture, swell, or shrink like rabbit skin glue. The advantage of PVA Size is its stability. PVA Size will very faintly affect the look of the surface of your papers and its color.


Shake PVA size well before applying to tightly stretched fabric or pinned (or taped) down paper. Using a bristle brush (we recommend a goat hair brush such as the e-bake series), coat the surface well, but don't let the Size pool. Use full strength, do not dilute. 8 fluid ounces will cover 10 square feet. Once Size is dry, oil ground can be applied to further protect paper and prevent the oil from seeping into the paper itself.