Square Paper Balloons - Kamifusen

Contents: 2 larger squares (3"x3") and 2 smaller squares (2.5"x2.5")

Each balloon has 6 sides in alternating blue and red colors. The sides have images of famous landmarks, and Japanese traditions exclusively from the Toyama Prefecture.

Images on the square:

Hotaru Ika: Firefly Squids from the Namekawa area.
Owara Odori: Summer festival in the Yatsuo area.
Tateyama: Mount Tate (ta-teh), one of the "Three Holy Mountains" in Japan, along with Mount Fuji and Mount Haku.
Kurobe Kyoukoku: The Kurobe Canyon.
Toyamajyou: Toyama Castle.
Gassho Tsukuri: Traditional farm houses with high peaked, thatched roofs.