Amate Flores Paper


Large Size: 35"x 47"

Available in 2 different colors: Natural and Pinto

**Due to handmade nature, colors may vary from images. EACH SHEET IS UNIQUE!

This vintage complex pattern is reminiscent of a grid of flores (flowers in Spanish). The durability of these sheets is evident in the color and composure of the elegant pattern.

Amate paper is an ancient back paper first produced by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations during pre-contact times. Traditionally used for ceremonial papercuts and to make codices, Amate paper became nearly extinct in the mid-1800's. Today, our Amate papers are made in San Pueblito, Puebla, Mexico by third generation Otomi papermakers using the bark from the Jonote tree.

It has a unique texture and a thickness that makes it useful for book covers and other heavier applications, as well as simple effective wall art. Weight varies slightly by each handmade sheet.