CK Color Kozo Series (17 g/m²)


Size: 25" x 38"
Weight: 17 g/m² 

*Color and size will vary by the batch. Please consider this for your next project.

Available in various colors. Please select your color from the drop-down menu.

Made with 100% Kozo in Yame City (Kyushu Prefecture) by the Matsuo family.

These strong, sheer sheets are dyed (direct dye, not pigment) in a subtle range of colors (17 colors in stock). The sheets are translucent, even in the darker colors. The natural tones mimic those found in aged papers, making them particularly useful for the restoration of aged documents, books and fabrics. 

00 Off White
01 Natural
02 Light Tan
03 Tan
04 Brown (Slightly darker than previous batches)
05 Sienna
06 Silver
07 Smoke
08 Beige
09 Amber
10 Deep Red
11 Teal
12 Green
13 Blue
14 Navy
15 Black
16 Light Blue