DHM-11 Kozo Large 79x79" (536 g/m²)

Qty Price
1 - 4 $464.00
5 - 9 $394.00
10 - + $355.00
Size: 79" x 79"
Weight: 536 g/m²

We worked with Awagami Factory in Tokushima, Japan to develop these special large-sized kozo sheets.
They are triple the thickness of the regular DHM-11. These papers are excellent for painting, drawing and other fine art applications. Made from 60% Thai Kozo and 40% Sulphite Pulp.

*Note: Other colors besides white are available by special order.
 Shipping cost varies by order and will be charged once determined, after checkout. Contact us for estimation and delivery times.

(1-5 sheet order is estimated to cost approximately $150 UPS Ground)

**A4 Sample size available for purchase here