Kyoseishi Series (88 g/m²)

Size: 24" x 35"
Weight: 88 g/m²

Kyoseishi means "strengthened paper." This high quality kozo based handmade paper is coated with konnyaku juice, a form of starch derived from the Konjac plant, "Devil's Tongue." Konnyaku is mixed with water to form a thick liquid which gives added strength and impermeability to the paper onto which it is brushed. This makes the paper strong and flexible enough to withstand rubbing, kneading and crumpling which gives the paper its wrinkled and cloth-like texture.

Strong, flexible and water-resistant. Ideal for decorative purposes such as bookbinding and box covers.

Available colors:

K-4 Plum
K-9 Clay
K-10 Dark Brown
K-11 Mustard
K-14 Taupe
K-15 Light Green 
K-18 Dark Green
K-31 Blue
K-32 Light Blue
K-42 Purple
K-49 Maroon (reddish purple)
K-50 Tangerine
K-52 Yellow
K-54 Orange
K-85 Sea Blue
K-93 Lavender
K-98 Peach
K-109 Black
K-200 White 
K-203 Natural 
K-205 Red