Sumi Workbook


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In this workbooksumi artist Christine Flint Sato presents a new way to work with sumi, or the East Asian ink medium. Trained in calligraphy and ink painting, she has distilled some of the basic techniques of both art forms into an innovative workbook for all.

About Christine Flint Sato (taken from SUMI Workbook): Christine Flint Sato is a British sumi artist based in Nara, Japan. She studied calligraphy under Seika Kawabe (Mainichi Calligraphy Organisation) for many years and ink painting under Chinese ink painter Li Geng. She exhibits and writes about the sumiarts, in particular Japanese calligraphy for the magazine 'Letter Arts Review.' Her book 'Japanese Calligraphy: The Art of Line and Space' was published in 1998. 

As the reader works their way through the book, they encounter exercises developed by the author for workshops she has taught in Japan and the UK.