Tengucho Sample Pack
Our Tengucho papers are very thin, majority Kozo fiber sheets and rolls made in Japan. Used in repair, decorative, collage, and artworks.

Sampler includes 6 sheets total (1 of each type)
Size: Approximately Lettersize

Sheets are not labeled but are in the order according to the label on front of pack.
1 (approx. 8.5"x11") sheet each of the following:

1. KM-09 Tengucho 2g Haini
2. KMR-10 Tengucho 3g Roll
3. MMN-1 Tengucho 5g
4. W-1 Tengucho 9g
5. HM-0 Tengucho 11g
6. HM-1 Tengucho 11g Haini